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rattling wall collective





hopper2.14 (complete)

objected (for operation with hopper)

pilot carpine (for operation with hopper)


max msp jitter in Michigan (yeah right)

Imax msp and jitter in Michigan
I came across a cracked version of max/msp 4.0 a coule years ago just after I bought my first macintosh (a 512Mb G4 powerbook). I had no idea what max was, or what it could be used for. In the same bundle of delights I found camel toe, and drool string. I messed around with one of them, whichever one was first. Come to think of it, I only got one of them, the other wasn’t out yet. I was actively going through music software, looking for one that fit. Up till then I had been on a pc, using acid, and fruity loops (fruity loops did rock). I found a patch called flow by some Germanic dude, and used that for a while. A lot of what got me to use max was nato. My friend, and patching brother deon, was messing with nato quite a bit, and kept blathering about max and what it could do. I asked him, but he really didn’t know, but he knew it was the shit, so I left it. Then when I took some time from medical school to start a masters in prob and stats, I had some free time. I looked at max again, found the tutorials, and that was it.
I used it first for a show where I took a stethoscope and cut the ear pieces off, inserted a small radioshack microphone into the part where the tube splits, forming a y. then I ran this into my laptop, and into a really simple volume control patch. The other patch was for use with my behringer midi foot controller. I had no idea what midi was when I bought the foot controller, I just knew that midi had to be dealt with, and this was the time. The foot controller was defective (one of the expression pedals was broken), but I just thought it was because I was ignorant. Anyway this patch was kind a random player of drones that sounded like a bagpipe, with the chanter drone. It was cool, it felt great to sit play the sax like a crazy rooseter, and tap my feet, like being in some crazy space ship.
Blah blah blah.
There’s not a whole lot of maxing in Michigan. Every now and then a few people from Detroit, like shoail, or nick, come up, or we go down, check out what we’re doing. Ann arbor has a few people using it but I never see much of their work. I tried to get something going here at michigan state univeristy music department but they don’t really care. They were giving me room to act, but with so little support or enthusiasm from the faculty it seemed worthless. There was more interest from the art department, and I think I’ll act on this in the future. Being back in med school I am pressed for time, and can only find an hour or so of maxing a week (bummer). Time permitting though I am slowly evolving hopper, cleaning it up, stripping it back. Evolving some new jitter link ups for it. Here is hopper, the vst~s are programmed in, so, whatever. If you want to dig into this then help yourself, I’d just start it up and then use the hot keys. Maybe you’ll have more luck with running battery in it, it seems to be a consistent freeze maker.