I will murder you [mp3]
sink O'De mayo [mp3]

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  • deon foster
  • jon howard
  • james madaski
  • chris petersen
  • chuck sipperley
  • jim ryan
  • navjot singh sandhu

Renewal. Do something that works, then break it down and start over. "If it works, its out of date". The Collective joined forces with the Shenanigans and things change again. Jim plays reed instruments and electronics, but the differences are more than new instruments. We discovered that there's a philosophy to Rattling Wall that we need to find and follow. How can we make all this work? Can we do better than making a big, messy, loud noise for the people who don't expect anything more? Can we be funny without being stupid or (even worse) boring? In our effort to not follow certain rules, have we blindly adhered to other ones?

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